GTA 6 Leaks Online, Revealed 90+ Gameplay, Vice City Location & Map

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Rockstar Games confirmed Hackers leaked GTA 6 early development 90+ gameplay footage, Vice City Location, Ingame map and many more.

Are you a player of GTA V? Bored with GTA 5 gameplay? Then this news is profitable and makes your day happy. Because GTA 6 early development already started and very soon it will be released.

GTA 6 Details From Leaked Source

FILTRADO EL MAPA DE GTA 6 you know this meaning. If you see the map of GTA 6, I sure you can’t believe how much worst development gameplay was ongoing.

May be you are the fan of GTA and rockstar games but look at the image and tell me are you satisfied with this image of map?

Source: Twitter Image

I also give you some details and leaked images of GTA 6 below. There are lot of images and video and map and gameplay of GTA 6.

These photos character and environment are under development. So don’t panic just see the graphic.

GTA 6 Source Code Hacked & Leaked

Man there is also new GTA 6 source code leak is instantly that worth was around over 100k dollar.

The GTA 5 Source code was just bought for $100k.

Rockstar is taking down all leaked footage of GTA 6 and banning channels posting the content.

Rockstar is getting blackmailed now for the GTA 6 source code, this is the wildest game leak of all time.

The GTA 6 leaker after single handily causing rockstar to scrap the entire game delaying it for years to come.

Rockstar Games Decision About GTA 6

I think The GTA 6 Leak proves that gamers have no idea about how game development works whatsoever. These homies are complaining that the game looks unfinished when it literally is.

A proper Message from Rockstar Games;

Source: Twitter Images

This is very cool and all but can publishers please stop revealing games way too early.

Like look at the absolute state of Star Wars games. There’s gotta be like 10 games announced now and the devs have nothing to show. The games are years away. The only AAA Star Wars game I can think of that is releasing soon is Jedi: Survivor, which I have no doubt will be great.

If we could just go back to when reveal trailers came out like a few months before the game launches, that’d be great.

We keep hearing about games that are set to come out in 4 years from now which just leaves us sad because there’s nothing good to play whilst we wait.

GTA 6 was inevitable anyway, people have just been waiting a long time. Doesn’t mean every game should announce development super early.

Look at all the announced Star Wars games that are still years away. Any project could be cancelled early, delayed, etc.


FBI Is Now Investigating Uber And GTA 6 Hacks, U.K. Teen Extortion Gang Leader Suspecte ‘Leader of the Lapsus$ crime group.’ So the whole gameplay may be change. Wait for next update.

Thank you.

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