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Top 25 Hot Indian Web series of 2022 full list here. Don’t miss this article if you really love to watch Hot Indian Web series. “Gandii Baat” To “Charamsukh” All Latest Release Hottest Web Series details are here.

India has a huge following for Hot Web series, who are waiting for their favorite web series to come back on air. With the rising popularity of YouTube and Netflix, Indian Hottest web series have seen a surge in popularity.

Hot Indian web series are gaining prominence today as most of them are available on YouTube and Netflix.

These shows have also been trending in the social media, generating a lot of interest among the viewers. The popularity of these Indian hot web series is attributed to their ability to connect with the audience on a personal level.

What are the best Hot web series in India?

It’s hard to pick the best web series in India, because there are so many. But there are a few that deserve special mention. I give here Top 25 Hottest Indian Web series 2022 that you never miss to watch.

  1. Palang Tod
  2. Gandii Baat
  3. Charmsukh
  4. One Night Stand
  5. Ragini MMS Returns
  6. Kavita Bhabhi
  7. Twisted
  8. Bekaaboo & Bekaaboo 2
  9. Four More Shots Please
  10. Julie
  11. Mona Home Delivery
  12. Sacred games
  13. Maya
  14. Lust stories
  15. Virgin Boys
  16. Virgin Bhanupriya
  17. Everything is Planned
  18. I Love Us
  19. Halala
  20. Tharkistaan
  21. Tadap
  22. Wanna Have a Good Time
  23. Fuh Se fantasy
  24. Mastram
  25. Spotlight

The internet has brought with it a new form of entertainment. Web series have become increasingly popular in recent years. Web series are web-based TV shows that are distributed over the Internet on streaming services such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

The concept is a new form of storytelling that is becoming popular because it gives writers more creative control over story development and allows viewers to watch content on their

Indian Hot Web Series Episodes List (Hindi)

The web series industry in India is booming. Shows like “Crazy Ex-girlfriend” and “Jane the Virgin” have contributed to this rise. The web series industry is now worth $1 billion for the Indian film industry and it is continuing to grow.

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1. Palang Tod

Palang Tod” is a popular Indian hot web series that tells the story of two sisters who come from the middle-class. The story is about their daily struggles in life and how they get back on their feet after facing many challenges.

Palang Tod is the first hot web series created by Indians. It follows the story of a street-smart protagonist, Guddi, who is trying to escape her life in Mumbai and find purpose in life. Although Guddi is more than capable of escaping her situation on her own, she faces many challenges as a woman in India.

The hottest web series hindi Palang Tod is a thriller with a twist. This web series has been in development for two years, and is finally being made available to the public on YouTube. The creators wanted to present a suspenseful thriller that would also educate audiences on the issue of violence in society.

Palang Tod” is the first Indian hot web series ever to be made by a woman. The series explores the intersection of gender, caste, and social class in Indian society through the story of a young woman and her friends.

2. Gandii Baat

“Gandii Baat” is an Indian hottest web series that goes on to explore the complexities of Indian society. The show will be in Hindi and it’ll be free for streaming. It will be available on Jio Cinema and Hotstar starting from 2019.

The Hindi hot web series “Gandii Baat” is a comedy series that documents the story of an Indian expat family living in Dubai. The series is beautifully shot and features a range of cultural references.

“Gandii Baat” is a hot indian web series hindi by Humans of Bombay that follows the story of a boy from the suburbs of Mumbai. The show is shot in a docu-style and tells his journey from moving to Bombay to pursue his dreams. It shows how he navigates through the many challenges that come with living in an urban metropolis.

“Gandii Baat” is a hottest hindi web series about two sisters and how they manage their lives. The show revolves around the struggles of two sisters, and how they overcome them with wit, intelligence and a little bit of luck!

3. Charmsukh

India has been the pioneer of the hottest web series scene. The most recent one being “Charmsukh“. Created by Vikram Chandra, it is a story of a man who is in search of his lost son. The hot hindi web series has been inducted into prestigious award-giving bodies such as the Asian Academy Awards and Indian Telly Awards.

Charmsukh Chawl House Web Series Watch Online Link

The hindi Indian hot web series “Charmsukh” tells the story of a young man who marries a girl he knows. The story is mainly set in the backdrop of India. The show has won the hearts of audiences and has been praised by viewers for its beautiful writing, direction, cinematography and acting.

Charmsukh is the first Indian hot web series on Netflix. The show captures the lives of the middle-class Indian family, their daily struggles and triumphs, enabling an intimate glimpse into Indian culture.

The Indian hottest web series, “Charmsukh” is a modern day retelling of the Mahabharata. The show follows the life of Charmsukh, who is born as a woman but has been told that she will become a man later in life.

In the meantime, it follows her as she navigates love and relationships with both men and women while dealing with her royal heritage

4. One Night Stand

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The Indian hot web series “One Night Stand” is an Indian thriller web series with a story about a one night stand gone wrong. The protagonist, Hari, meets up with a girl named Rhea for what he thinks is just one night of fun. The story twists and turns from there as things go from wrong.

An Indian hottest web series made its debut on Netflix on January 12th. This series, entitled “One Night Stand,” is a psychological thriller that deals with the consequences of infidelity.

One Night Stand” is hot Indian web series hindi that premiered on October 2, 2018. It is based on the true story of a woman who had an illicit affair with a married man in college. The series explores the life of Natasha and her consequences after her one night stand with a married man in college.

5. Ragini MMS Returns

The hottest Indian web series “Ragini MMS Returns” is a sequel to the popular 2010 web series. The story revolves around Ragini, who has a promising career in journalism and she decides to broadcast her wedding live on YouTube. However, when the groom does not show up at the appointed time, she decides to investigate the matter. In order for Ragini to find out what went wrong

Ragini MMS Returns is a hot web series that tackles the topic of mental harassment. This web series is set in the year 2020, where society has progressed to an era of technology and where women are seen as equals. The show features a parallel universe with one small difference: in this universe.

“Ragini MMS Returns” is a sequel to the original Indian Web series “Ragini MMS,” which aired in 2005-2006. The sequel picks up from where the original left off, but this time it follows two sisters

6. Kavita Bhabhi

Kavita Bhabhi is an Indian hot web series hindi that has gained fame for its good and unapologetic take on the ills of society. The series is based on the life of a female protagonist, Kavita, who takes on to the role of a housewife in rural India. Faced with her husband’s infidelity and the unfulfilled desires in her personal life,

Kavita Bhabhi is a popular hottest Indian web series that was created in the late 2000s. The series follows the story of a woman who learns about her husband’s betrayal and moves out of their marital home to live with her sisters. After getting over her initial heartbreak, she finds happiness with a new man.

7. Twisted

For anyone wanting to watch a television show that is filled with twists and turns, “Twisted” is the perfect show. This Netflix Original is based on a novel. The hot series follows multiple characters and their stories as they are intertwined in a murder mystery set in Delhi.

The story follows three people: a young woman who is a victim of child abuse, her abuser and the detective in charge of investigating the case. The show is set in Pune.

This hottest web series hindi is a new Indian thriller which has captivated audiences and been praised for its originality. It was created by Ekta Kapoor and stars the famous actress, Saumya Tandon. The series is based on a twisted story of two sisters who are very different in many aspects.

8. Bekaaboo & Bekaaboo 2

Bekaaboo is an animated hot Indian web series that teaches children about Indian culture. The series has been designed by a team of experts in content, education, and animation. It’s been designed to be appropriate for Indian audiences and international audiences of all ages.

Bekaaboo is hot hindi web series created by Vishnu Padmanabhan and produced by Viacom18. The series is about the lives of a group of friends and their ambitions in life. The episodes are all shot in Bekaa Valley, Lebanon, with the cast being composed of Lebanese and Indian actors.

Palang Tod Bekaboo Dil: Part 1 & Part 2 Download Watch Online 720p Filmyzilla

Bekaaboo is an Indian hot web series created by Siddharth Anand. It is a story of a little girl who has been granted supernatural powers.

Bekaaboo 2, a new Indian hottest web series, details the life of an aspiring teenage comedian in present-day New Delhi. The show follows protagonist Raghav as he tries to find his place in the world while working at a call center with his friends.

Bekaaboo 2 is hindi hottest Indian web series that has been captivating audiences with its writing, acting and production. This is the second season of the web series hot, with previous seasons being released in 2017 and 2018.

Bekaaboo 2 is the second season of Bekaaboo, a hot web series that is “targeted at the 12-35 market.” It is a family show with the target audience of both adults and children. The series follows a group of friends and their families in Delhi, “from their school days to adulthood.”

9. Four More Shots Please

“Four More Shots Please” is hindi hot web series that takes the viewer into the world of 4 individuals who are at different stages in their lives. The show is a lighthearted, one hour drama that explores romance, friendships and family relationships.

Four More Shots Please is an Indian hot web series hindi which follows the story of two friends who go on a trip from India to Bangkok. The series stars Saqib Saleem and Shipa Jain as the friends. This web series has been directed by Abhishek Sinha and produced by Ekta Kapoor’s production house Balaji Telefilms.

Four More Shots Please is 2018 hottest hindi Indian web series which tells the story of four friends, who are all in relationships with each other. But they’re not cheating on each other. The show has been created by a group of young professionals based in Mumbai and New Delhi who wanted to explore contemporary relationships as well as a variety of social issues, such as LGBT rights, gender equality and more.

The hot series is a comedy that follows the lives of four roommates. The story revolves around the adventures and misadventures of these four friends who live in Delhi.

10. Julie

“Julie” is hottest Indian web series hindi that has been streaming on Netflix since October 2018, and is a fictional story about the life of an average woman in India. The series follows her as she navigates through her day to day life while struggling with gender inequality, family expectations and a sense of identity.

Julie is an Indian hot web series hindi created by Ekta Kapoor and Shibani Dandekar. It is the first Indian original in the genre of drama to be released on Netflix. The serial tells the story of a love triangle that occurs between Julie, a young, beautiful woman, her fiance Rahul, and her ex-boyfriend Rishabh.

The latest and most anticipated hot web series in India, Julie, is set to release on 2 July. The show has already created an immense buzz amongst the viewers because of its unique concept.

11 . Mona Home Delivery

“Mona Home Delivery” is a popular hottest Indian web series that has been streamed more than one billion times. The show documents the life of Mona, a woman who runs a successful home delivery food business in Delhi.

Mona Home Delivery a hindi Indian hot Web series which is created, directed and produced by Supriya Ghoshal. The web series is about the housewife Mona who is at home all day long and has to manage her household responsibilities as well as her two children. With the help of this web series, she gets to explore a new direction in life and also provides viewers with some valuable tips on how to

A hot series of trainee doctors in India have created a web show about the country’s newly privatised healthcare system.

12. Sacred games

Sacred Games is a popular hottest Indian Web series in hindi that depicts the story of 1980s Mumbai. It offers an insight into a world of corruption, crime and espionage.

The protagonist is an honest and courageous police officer who will do anything to protect his city. The show has been streamed more than one million times on the video-on-demand platform Hotstar in just three days.

Sacred games is a highly anticipated Indian hot web series and the first hottest Netflix original series from India. Sacred Games has received raving reviews from critics.

The series consists of eight episodes. The show features a range of characters and revolves around the murder of an author, Ganesh Gaitonde, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui.

The Sacred Games is a Netflix hot web series based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name by Vikram Chandra. It is created by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, and stars Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte. The series was released on July 6th, 2018.

“Sacred Games” is a Hindi indian hot web series from Netflix India. It is the story of Sartaj Singh, a seasoned and cynical Mumbai police officer, and his boss DCP Parulkar who are drawn into a complex game of cat-and-mouse with a man called Ganesh Gaitonde.

13. Maya

The first episode of the hindi hot web series “Maya” is out with a great response. Based on the life and challenges of an Indian woman in a patriarchal society, this show promises to be one of the best web series to watch. The show touches on issues such as marriage, divorce, parenting, domestic violence and more.

This hottest hindi web series is an Indian production that tells the story of Maya, a fifteen-year-old living in a small town. The web series explores her life and how she deals with problems like poverty, gender discrimination, and mental health.

Maya is a top hindi web series hot that follows two girls, Maya and Sana, as they go through their daily lives in India. It explores issues such as gender, identity and domestic violence. The series is created by one of the first all-female production teams in India.

When it comes to original and inspiring content, this web series is a gem. “Maya” tells the story of an Indian girl who starts a business in Dubai with the help of her Silicon Valley-based mentor. It’s fresh, cultural, and full of heart.

14. Lust stories

The Indian hindi hot web series, “Lust Stories,” is a collection of short films that explore the different definitions of “lust” through the eyes of six female protagonists. These women are not only different in terms of age, race and background but also what they lust for- whether it be money, power or love.

Lust Stories is an upcoming Indian anthology television web series that explores the ‘unspoken desires’ of four different women. The four short films will be directed by Alankrita Shrivastava, Anurag Kashyap, Dibakar Banerjee and Karan Johar.

Lust Stories is a web series produced by Netflix, India. The series tells the story of four unrelated people who are entwined in their unending search for love: a filmmaker, a single mother and her child, a journalist and an aspiring actor. Lust Stories is directed by Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Karan Johar—three directors with distinctive styles who have come

15. Virgin Boys

Virgin Boys is a hot Indian web series that follows the story of a group of boys at a boarding school. This hottest web series provides insight into the life of boys in India who are trying to find themselves and figure out their future, while they also have to deal with growing up.

Virgins Boys is a new Indian hot web series that discusses the complex and uncomfortable truths about the male psyche.

Virgin Boys is a web hot series that tells the story of 6 Indian millennials, who are all virgins. It follows their love lives, friendships and careers as they negotiate the perils of modern dating in Mumbai.

The show has been hailed for its realistic portrayal of wish by Indian audiences and offers a different perspective than many mainstream media depictions of this.

16. Virgin Bhanupriya

“Virgin Bhanupriya” is a hot Indian web series that tells the story of a 24-year-old woman who has decided to marry her father’s friend. It was created by Sasha Chettri and premiered on YouTube in February 2019. The series has gained over 2 million views on YouTube and an overwhelmingly positive response from various critics.

“Virgin Bhanupriya” is a top hottest Indian web series that premiered on YouTube in 2016, written and directed by Tamil writer M.G.Krishna, and is the first Tamil web series. The series follows the life of a girl named Bhanupriya as she moves from her hometown to Chennai to find work and falls into a world full of this situation in the

Bhanupriya is the protagonist of this hot web series, a strong and independent woman who is always on a quest for knowledge. The web series explores the life of Bhanupriya as she strives to find her true self.

17. Everything is Planned

The Netflix Original Web Series “Everything is Planned” (produced by Saif Ali Khan) is a tale of two lovers in Mumbai. The series follows the story of Arjun and Nandini, who are deeply in love until a tragic accident changes everything. A sudden twist in fate will test their relationship and their resilience like never before.

“Everything is Planned” is a hottest Indian web series detailing the life of a woman who was born to be an arranged wife. The show explores how she navigates through marriage and motherhood, while hiding a secret about her past.

This is hot web series that takes viewers through the life of an Indian mother who is trying to balance her traditions with her modernism.

This is a story of two women from different generations, cultural backgrounds, and outlooks on life who find themselves at odds with each other and must figure out how to coexist.

18. I Love Us (Indian Hot Web series Hindi)

I Love Us is India’s first LGBTQ web series hot that airs on the web. The series follows three friends, Ravi, Ishita and Tara as they try to find love in a world that has traditionally been LGBT+ unfriendly.

I Love Us is a web series that tells the story of six young people from different walks of life who believe in love. The web series is a collaboration between Mumbai-based production company, Jamun, and the YouTube channel, The Viral Fever (TVF). It has been written by Vikram Bhatt with inputs from TVF’s resident psychologist, Dr. Deepa Padmanabhan,

Focusing on the true lives of Indian immigrants in America and their sisterly bond, I Love Us is a web series that tackles a sensitive topic. It aims to educate viewers about the trials and tribulations faced by these Indian immigrants, as well as provide them with an alternate narrative that is rooted in a unique perspective.

19. Halala

“Halala” is a hot web series that explores the story of a young Muslim woman, Zoya, who must marry her cousin after her fiancé breaks up with her. The show was created by an all-women team and stars mainly South Asian actresses.

It has helped break the taboo subject of divorce in Muslim households. HALALA is an Indian web series that has captivated audiences with its intricate story and powerful performances.

The show centers around the lives of two sisters, Ammara and Kiran, who are on the opposite ends of the socioeconomic spectrum.

Indian hot web series Halala has been praised for its portrayal of Muslim women and their lives. The show, which is the first Indian web series to be directed by a woman, tells the story of a woman who is forced to marry her rapist.

20. Tharkistaan

Tharkistaan is also a hottest Indian Web series. The storyline of the series is set in a fictitious village called Tharkistaan. It takes place in a time when the country is being ruled by foreign invaders who are exploiting and converting people to Christianity.

The story explores how the villagers resist this new culture and try to preserve their own traditions and customs. This hot web series that takes on the difficult subject of problem in India.

It was written by Soha Ali Khan and her father, Salim Khan, who is a famous Bollywood screenwriter. The show features an actress playing a character based on Soha, who shares her experiences with working life.

Tharkistaan is most hottest web series in India that tells the story of an Indian family living in Dubai. The show is about a father who moves to Dubai for work, leaving his wife and children back in India. It’s about their lives, challenges and relationships before and after the separation.

21. Tadap(Hot Indian Web series Season)

Tadap is an Indian hottest web series with 20 episodes. It tells the story of a young woman, Tanya, who is living in the rural village of Tadap. The series follows her life and struggles as she deals with topics like gender inequality in India.

Tadap is a hottest Indian web series detailing the life of seven friends in Delhi. Tadap has been praised for its realism and freshness, depicting the lives of millennials living in India. The show’s first season aired on YouTube from July 29, 2017 to September 16, 2018.

This Indian hot web series that details the life of two young adults in Mumbai. The series features an exploration of the struggles of a young woman living in a patriarchal society and her relationship with her fiance.

22. Wanna Have a Good Time

“Wanna Have a Good Time” is an award winning Indian Hot Web series. While the show’s title may not be the most creative, it does deliver on its promise: having a good time.

The show follows the life of Tara, an aspiring DJ and her best friend, Vikram. The friends find themselves in one crazy situation after another as they try to pursue their dreams while

Wanna Have a Good Time is another hottest Indian web series that details the story of Kajal and her quest for happiness. The series follows the ups and downs of Kajal’s life in a humorous manner.

The show is about five friends who happen to be Indian girls in their 20s. They are trying to find their way through the baffling world of adulthood, and learn how to find mutual satisfaction with a partner.

23. Fuh Se fantasy

Fuh Se Fantasy is a hot web series that is being streamed on Netflix. This series follows the life of an Indian woman, who has an arranged marriage to a man in London. This web series explores the culture and societal challenges that the woman faces as she lives through these changes.

In the past, fantasy has been a genre reserved for children. Hottest Indian web series “Fuh Se Fantasy” is changing this. The show is about a family of five children with three of them being born as humans and two as part-demons, but they all live in harmony together.

Fuh Se Fantasy is an Indian hot web series aimed at making history accessible to the masses. The creator of the series, Tanmay Bhat aims to make this show more than a simple retelling of Indian history. He wants it to be highly entertaining and funny, so that people can relate and enjoy history in a new way.

24. Mastram

“Mastram” is a popular Indian hot web series that has gained immense popularity in recent times. The show is directed by Deepti Kakkar and stars noted actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui. It depicts the life of a schoolteacher named Keshav, who leads a mundane life in his village.

The Hottest Indian Web series “Mastram” is a new interactive exploration of the taboo. The show tackles the reality of this in hot India, which challenges the conservative societal norms.

“Mastram” is a fan based hot Indian web series that takes a deep dive into the lives of the people in a small Indian village. The show is set in a fictional village and depicts the life of people living there.

It tells the story of their struggle, dreams and aspirations through the eyes of two different generations- their children and parents.

25. Spotlight ( Hottest Indian Web series Season)

Spotlight is another Indian hottest web series that is a modern and lighthearted take on the various facets of love. Each season features a different story, characters and perspectives of what it means to find love in India.

The series, which is set in Mumbai, follows a group of people who are interconnected through their desire to get ahead. The story of Season 2 revolves across the existence of a young artist (Vicky: Karan Grover), who succeeds.

“Spotlight” is a hot Indian web series that talks about the dark side of journalism. The eight-episode series is gripping and exposes the corruption that exists in the media industry today. The series stars actor Rajesh Sharma, who plays the role of a journalist who makes a mistake while pursuing a story.

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The final episode of the Hot Indian Web series is live! This web series has been entertaining and educating viewers about authentic Indian cuisine for the past few weeks. The finale will be a huge party with a live band, dance performances, and delicious food. More List coming soon.

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