News From India For Nepal

News From India For Nepal

After a year-long blackout, Nepal Starting Telecasting All Indian news channels today. The Nepalese authorities have banned seven TV stations in an effort to cut off the flow of terrorism, the Kathmandu Post said. The channels that have been forced off air are KCCI, NDTV, TVN and MSN.

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TV channels telecast for the past three weeks by the Nepal government have been subjected to the blackout. It was due to the fact that the channels were not given the green signal by the authorities, despite broadcasting live and uninterruptedly for years. However, there are no reasons yet to justify the blackout, except for a few complaints and threats from the ruling party. It is therefore the time to know more about Indian news channels.


In India, the only television station not affected by the blackout is CNN IBN. However, CNN IBN in India is yet to gain access to all the channels in Nepal. It is believed that the blackout is due to Nepal’s relationship with India, especially the strong ties between Nepal and its neighbor India. The two countries have maintained diplomatic relations for many years now, which helps in keeping both countries on the same page and keep them away from each other’s political agendas.


Nepal is also a part of India, and as such has been ruled and influenced by the Indian constitution. The country is governed by the Constitution of Nepal. In spite of the Nepal government’s claim to have taken measures to prevent telecast of news, the situation was out of control even before the blackout started. There is no doubt that many political groups and individuals tried to get hold of the banned channels and broadcast their news from their own personal sources.


In addition to news channels, a number of newspapers and magazines have also been affected by the blackout. Some major newspapers which had been running for many years are still on the web site and still offering their services, but many others have already gone offline. Kathmandu Post newspaper, the state-owned daily newspaper, which had been providing free online services has also stopped publishing online, except for local news and current events. The only remaining print publication is the English edition of the Kathmandu Post, which is on newsstands for sale online, and through a special order form sent to the Kathmandu Post office.


Earlier, the ban on telecasting had meant that only foreign channels would be telecast, but the government of Nepal decided to reverse the situation and decided to provide access to all Indian news channels including the national ones. and international ones. Now, the government is planning to change the law again, in order to restrict access to only the national channels and the international channels, Kathmandu Post is expecting the ministry of communication to respond.


News channels like CNN IBN are expected to resume operations shortly, but it would take at least another month before everything becomes normal again. The telecast will be available on satellite and cable TV as well. It is not clear whether this news channel will be allowed to continue on terrestrial TV or not. Some international channels like Al Jazeera have already announced plans to bring back their satellite and cable TV service in the country.


The telecast of news channels is expected to start on Tuesday, as soon as the ministry of communication approves the request. If everything goes according to plan, it could take a week or two to get back to the usual routine, but it is sure to bring a smile to the faces of millions of citizens who have been watching the news on their televisions or in their laptops.

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