10 Most Trending Rakhi Designs of 2022 to Look Out for Rakhsha Bandhan 2022

India is a country of festival. Here 13 festivals are celebrate in 12 months. Raksha Bandhan means Rakhi Bandhan is on of the most trending festival. The main aim of this festival is the love bond of brother and sister. So here i looks out for 10 Most Trending Rakhi Designs of 2022.

Even todays time normal rakhis are getting outdated and bored, everyone want to unique rakhi design. As compsare today you also try to be prepared with few heartwarming and unique rakhi design 2022 to give big surprise to your brother.

So, without telling anymore about rakhi design, let’s get started with some amazing rakhi design ideas 2022 that are guaranteed to make your brother very happy!

Beautiful Strands- Latest Rakhi Designs 2022

1. Stonework Rakhi

If you are looking for an unconventional design of rakhi, then you can choose stonework rakhi. These are available in various colours and patterns; they are surely going to add a joviality to the festivities of rakhi.

2. Kundan Rakhi

You cannot take your eyes off this rakhi. Kundan work looks regal and stylish. If you want to send a beautiful rakhi online to your brother, then you can choose Kundan rakhi.

3. Rudraksha Rakhi

If you are looking for divine rakhi, then buy rudraksha rakhi. These bring stability, happiness and good luck to your brother’s life.

4. Bracelet Rakhi

Who said rakhi is only about strands of silk? Now, you have bracelet rakhis which are absolute stunners. These are going to perfectly embellish your brother’s wrist.

5. Chill Bro Rakhi

Not so shareef rakhi design. But, is your bro shareef? Well, if he is your beer partner and you two hang out a lot sweeping off bars around the town, then cherish all those by tying a beer Chill Bro rakhi on his wrist. With this, surely expect a beery return gift from your bro!

6. Pearl Rakhi

Shining pearls adorned by your brother in the form of rakhi is going to make your brother feel special.

7. Silver Rakhi

If you wish to tie an extravagant rakhi to your brother, then you can invest in silver rakhi. These look beautiful, and it is something that your brother can wear every day.

8. Bhaiya Bhabhi Rakhi

A recent trend which is emerging nowadays is Bhaiya Bhabhi rakhi. It’s a great way to show your love and respect for your bhaiya and bhabhi. You can get a lot of varieties of these rakhis online as well.

9. Peacock Rakhi

If we talk about Indian tradition, then peacock rakhi holds a lot of significance. It is a symbol of grace, joy and pride. So, choose any of the styles of peacock rakhi and send it to your brother. Your brother become more happy.

10. Zardosi Rakhi

Shiny silk threads have been an all-time favourite rakhi, but now we have various designs in the same. Deck up your brother’s wrist with this rakhi and add more charm to the rakhi celebration.

More Rakhi Design 2022

What is the meaning of Rakhsha Bandhan, and how does it relate to women’s empowerment?

Rakhsha Bandhan is an Indian festival celebrated by women and men on the full moon day in August or September. The festival is also known as Raksha Bandhan, which means “the tying of the protection” or “the bond of protection”.

The celebration is a reminder to women that they are not alone in their struggles and hardships, but have a male counterpart who will always be there for them. In return, women are expected to take care of their brothers and protect them from any harm.

How do you celebrate Rakhsha Bandhan 2022 in the West?

Rakhsha Bandhan 2022 is a festival celebrated in India and Nepal, where sisters tie a sacred thread around their brother’s wrist and give him gifts.

The festival is also celebrated by Indian communities in the West.

In the West, Rakhsha Bandhan 2022 is celebrated by families of Indian origin who have been living there for generations. The younger generation celebrates it as an Indian festival while the older generation sees it as a cultural event that they celebrate with their families.

Some people also celebrate this festival by tying a sacred thread around their friends’ wrist as a symbol of protection and love.

The benefits of celebrating Rakhsha Bandhan 2022

Rakhsha Bandhan is an Indian festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. It is a day of celebration and love. The festival has been celebrated for centuries all around the world.

The word Rakhsha means to protect, and bandhan means bond. So, this day is meant to celebrate the protective bond between siblings. This day also marks the end of summer in India, as winter approaches with its cool breezes, rains and snowflakes.

What to do if you’re feeling lonely during this festival

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It’s that time of the year again when sisters around the world take on the solemn responsibility of tying a thread on their brother’s wrist, as a symbol of their love, respect and care for him.


There are too much rakhi design 2022 but these are most trending design till now. we update more design in future. If you want to buy or add your design in this article then contact with by email or through comment.

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