Spot price down on higher wind power, temperatures

PARIS — Rising wind power supply and temperatures in Germany and France weighed on European wholesale spot power prices on Monday.

* German baseload for Tuesday was at 46 euros ($55.98) per megawatt hour (MWh) at 0948 GMT, down 13.2% from Monday delivery, and the equivalent French contract fell 13.4% to 66.25 euros.

* Supply-wise, German wind power generation on Tuesday is due to jump by 7.3 GW to 32.2 GW, Refinitiv data showed.

* Wind power supply is expected to increase steadily to more than 34 GW by Wednesday before tumbling to under 5 GW on Friday, according to the data.

* The German price for Friday delivery is coupled with the French price at 73.25 euros/MWh.

* Power supply from French wind turbines is expected to rise by 5.6 GW day on day to 9.1 GW.

* However, French nuclear availability remained unchanged at 85.7% of maximum capacity as the planned outage on Jan. 8 at the St. Alban 1 nuclear reactor was canceled.

* France’s power and gas unions will call for strikes at French power groups Engie and other gas companies on Jan. 14 and at EDF on Jan. 19 if reorganization plans are not withdrawn by Wednesday.

* On the demand side, power consumption in Germany is due to rise 1.6 gigawatts (GW) up to Tuesday to stand at 62.1 GW, and fall by 4.9 GW in France to 75.8 GW, Refinitiv Eikon data showed.

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