Top Social Media Monitoring Tools Apt For Any Business

Social listening which is also called social media monitoring is a way of calculating popularity or knowing the insights of a company or any brand by extracting information from Social media. These social media channels include blogs, views, news, and sites to name a few. Monitoring social media truly helps you to monitor your business online and see the impact of your business online. Once you have the proper data, you can now use all these insights and reach social business intelligence. It helps your company to make informed decisions on how to promote on social media to attain more engagement, which therefore helps to increase sales.

Top Social Media Monitoring Tools

Why Social Media Monitoring Tools?

The main idea is to gather information using tools that would provide an insight into the business. Social media monitoring tools are one such way of generating information. The list of social media tools come handy if your company is a social media rookie. But it’s a good idea to try out some before concluding any particular tool. All these tools have a common motto that is to monitor user behavior- by tracking with keywords, hashtags, URLs, and many more. The few tools that are worthy of being considered as social media monitoring are as follows:

1. Keyhole

Keyhole analytical tool is used by Google, L’Oreal, MAshable, and Alibaba. These social monitoring tools take into account sites like Twitter and Instagram. Its social dashboard gives you a brief about your brands’ health at a glance. With its real-time data as well as historical information option, you also get to view heat maps that provide you with full information on activity levels. If you are looking to identify your customer’s needs, Keyhole is the apt tool.

2. Digimind Social

DigitMind Social Media Monitoring

This is a different monitoring tool of social media monitoring which measures the sentiments and monitors market trends. This enables us to see if the idea of the keyword is negative, positive, or neutral. Use Digimind to see how people perceive your brand in comparison to competitors. You can now get a clear picture of your reputation online.

3. Hootsuite

One of the most popular social monitoring tools is this one. It tracks activities across various social media networks and platforms. These platforms include Twitter, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, Facebook, and Linkedln. You can manage your social media accounts using this tool with its handy options for scheduling posts. This can be performed around all the social media platforms. You could also choose to view weekly reports and team management facility with this tool. This works well for tracking mentions of the product or brand.

4. Sprout social

Sprout social, social media monitoring tool

Amongst all, sprout social is one of the most popular tools. With its two different features of social monitoring and engagement, this has become one of the most used tools. It will give you data with the percentage to increase across each social media site. It also helps you to publish posts from its dashboard and collaborate with your social media handling team. Using its discovery feature, you can look for any keyword on social media platforms when a user would have mentioned your brand.

5. Simply Measured

Simply measured is yet another monitoring tool that helps you to keep track of a number of metrics. It helps you to gather data on and analyze any earned, owned, and also paid activity. This paid platform also has a free limited-time version with which you can create reports for Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. This tool measures the competitor fan pages, customer service, trends, and your content across Facebook.

6. Google alerts

Any mentions of your company, be its name or brand can be monitored across the web with the use of Google Alerts. The process is quite easy. All you have to do is sign into your Google account and go to Google alerts page and type in the keyword or phrase you want to get monitoring on. Google sends you an email regarding the results relevant to your search. It also allows you to set alerts for specific regions or languages.

7. Mention

Mention Social Medio Monitoring tool

Mention is a popular monitoring tool used by various companies. It also helps you to monitor the mentioning of your brand on other sites like TripAdvisor, Amazon, to name a few. It also has a customized company plan that gives you in-depth reports of your brand mentions. Along with this, you can also keep track of your actions, share tasks, and set alerts. Exporting mentions and generating reports will enable you to get a screenshot of your mention.

8. Buffer

A buffer is a tool that enables you to schedule your content. One basically packs up all the content at a buffer that you want to post on your social media networks. It helps you to manage fan pages, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn. Once the scheduled content is posted, you can use Buffer to help to analyze what content works and what doesn’t.

9. Twitter Counter

As the tool name suggests it usually helps you to track your data using Twitter stats. You can see the number of retweets, mentions, historical data, and much more based on your previous engagement. This tool is limited to Twitter users but it lets you get important details regarding competitors, brands, and influencers. You can also add multiple accounts in order to see all the stats of those accounts. This will make comparing accounts with the competitors much easier. With their reply feature, you can reply to your customers on the go.

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