Elena Saurel - an actress and writer, known for The Batman (2022)

Greg Dubuque - Batman Beyond TV Series & The New Batman Adventures

NATALIE ARMIN - Main Character Of The Batman ATF Leader (2022)

Angela Yeoh is an actress, known for The Batman (2022), The Baby (2022) and Slow Horses (2022).

Lorraine Tai - British-Chinese actress, model and dancer. She will portray Cheri in The Batman.

Sandra Dickinson - an American-born British actress. She portrayed Dory in The Batman.

Stella Stocker is a European actress. She portrayed Martha Wayne in The Batman.

 Hana Hrzic is an actress, known for The Batman (2022), Métèque (2020) and The Modelizer.

Janine Harouni - American comedian, actress, writer and producer. She portrayed Carla Diaz in The Batman.

Kosha Engler - an American actress, singer and writer. She will portray Mitchell's Wife in The Batman.

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