Know About India's Top 5 Fastest Trains

5. Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi Express runs at a speed of 130-150km/hr, making it India's fifth fastest train.

4. Rajdhani New Delhi-Howrah Express

Rajdhani Express from New Delhi to Howrah travels at speed of 135-150km/hr, enlisting its name in the top 5 fastest trains in India.

3. Rajdhani Mumbai-Delhi Express

Mumbai-New Delhi Rajdhani Express can attain a speed of 140km/hr.

2. Gatimaan Express

Gatimaan Express holds the second position in the ranking with a speed of 160KM/hr.

1. Vande Bharat Express

Vande Bharat Express is currently India's fastest train. It was clocked at 180KM/hr in the latest trail run