Os Velhos Do Rio: Cena de Cláudio Marzo e Osmar Prado foi real? - Minha Série Favorita

Pantanal scene with two Old Men from Rio - Cláudio Marzo and Osmar Prado - was it real? Pantanal viewers were moved by the scene in honor of the first Old Man from Rio. SEE THE SCENE IN PANTANAL

Last Saturday night (09/13) we saw the emotional scene of the soap opera Pantanal, with the two old men from Rio - Osmar Prado and Claudio Marzo - together.

Globo decided to pay a beautiful tribute to the first version of Pantanal, which took place in 1990 on TV Manchete. But was this scene real? Many viewers were in doubt.

The scene was created with computerized effects, as Cláudio Marzo is no longer with us. For those who don't know, Cláudio died in 2015.

In addition, for those who don't know, Cláudio Marzo played in the first version of the novel (1990), the characters Joventino, José Leôncio and the Velho do Rio.

Currently, if he were alive, actor Cláudio Marzo, who died at the age of 74, would be 82 years old. Meanwhile, Osmar Prado has just turned 75.

In the role of Velho do Rio in this Globo remake, Osmar Prado has been highly praised. The actor has delivered everything and a little more than the public expected for the iconic character of Pantanal!

Claudio Marzo, in addition to having played 3 characters in the old version of Pantanal, was successful in several other soap operas. There were more than 50 throughout his career.

We can highlight the novels Irmãos Coragem (1970 and 1995), Cambalacho (1986), Fera Ferida (1993), A Indomada (1997), Once Upon a Time (1998), Coração de Estudante (2002) and Mulheres Apaixonadas (2003).

In cinema, the actor has made more than 30 films, including the character Dom Pedro II in O Xangô de Baker Street, by his friend Jô Soares, who recently passed away.