Resumo da novela Além da Ilusão 15/08 a 19/08 - Minha Série Favorita

08/15/2022Art and creationPRISCILLA KINASTRAbstract from Beyond Illusion (15/08 TO 19/08) Find out what will happen at the end of the soap opera that ends this week.

This week, the novel Além da Illusion ends. In short, the plot was marked by the success of the protagonists Larissa Manoela and Rafael Vitti.

Now, the plot is heading to the end and still promises many surprises. Check out the summary of the final week of Beyond Illusion below.

CHAPTER 163 - 8/15 David is revolted by the outcome of his criminal review request. Isadora is startled by Joaquim's reaction when he hears Abel's name. Yolanda lies to...READ FULL SUMMARY

CHAPTER 164 - 08/16 Leonidas talks with the delegate Salvador about the kidnapping of his son. Ambrose refuses to confirm that Heloísa's son is from...READ FULL SUMMARY

CHAPTER 165 - 8/17 Ursula and Eugênio go to the farm, and Heloísa is forced to give them her baby. Isadora begs Diniz to help Davi. Margô finds out that Úrsula took her son...READ FULL SUMMARY

The network has not released the summary of the penultimate and final chapter. But check out what is expected to happen in this finale!

Isadora (Larissa Manoela) will officially separate from Joaquim (Danilo Mesquita) and will marry Davi/Rafael (Rafael Vitti).

After stealing Heloísa's (Paloma Duarte) son, Margô (Marisa Orth) will expose all of Úrsula's (Bárbara Paz) rotten things.

Joaquim turns against Úrsula, who is arrested and ends up dying in jail after choking on a popcorn kernel.

Joaquim will discover that he is not the villain's son. Also, the boy will finally pay for all the crimes he has committed.

Another couple that the public has been waiting for will finally be together. Iolanda will end the telenovela with the real Rafael Antunes.END OF THE NOVELA

In addition to the wedding of Davi and Isadora, at the end, the telenovela will show the weddings of Eugênio and Violeta and Olívia and Tenório.FIM DA NOVELA