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08/15/2022Art and creationPRISCILLA KINASTRSummary of the week soap opera Pantanal (August 15th to 20th)This week, we should see the death of an important character in the plot.

Another new week begins, and the soap opera Pantanal, a hit with audiences, airs from Monday to Saturday. And the next chapters promise great emotions! READ FULL SUMMARY

Anyway, as we said, there is death this week in the Pantanal. Check out the summary of episodes from Monday to Saturday, August 15th to 19th below! READ FULL SUMMARY

José Lucas is devastated because his father is not going to his wedding. Zé Leôncio responds to Filó's request to host Maria Bruaca.Monday - 8/15READ FULL ABSTRACT

Zuleica worries when she learns that Roberto and Renato left by boat alone. Trindade advises Alcides not to involve Muda in revenge against Tenório. READ FULL SUMMARY

Tiberius forbids Muda to speak with Alcides. Tenório asks José Leôncio to help him find his children and ends up seeing Maria Bruaca.READ FULL SUMMARY

Eugênio finds Renato and Roberto adrift and helps them. Marcelo tells Guta that his mother is at Zé Leôncio's farm.Tuesday - 8/16 READ FULL SUMMARY

Zé Leôncio advises Alcides to leave. Guta asks Zuleica to convince Tenório to let Maria Bruaca live in peace.READ FULL SUMMARY

Guta threatens Tenório, given the possibility he shows of doing something against his mother. Irma tells Filo that she took the exams. READ FULL SUMMARY

Jove suggests that José Leôncio and Mariana buy Tenório's farm. Roberto questions Zuleica after she tells her son that she feels she is Tenório's accomplice.READ FULL SUMMARY

Roberto is suspicious of Zuleica. Irma is surprised by the coldness of Trindade's reception. Zuleica makes clear to Tenório her opinion about Maria Bruaca's rights. Alcides wants to kill Tenório.Wednesday - 8/17 READ FULL SUMMARY

Erica tells her father that she had a miscarriage and hides the truth from José Lucas. Tenório refuses to sell the farm to José Leôncio. Alcides and Maria Bruaca go to the Juma tapera.READ FULL SUMMARY

Alcides takes Maria Bruaca to Juma's tapera, with the intention of setting a trap for Tenório. Thursday - 8/18 READ FULL SUMMARY

Tenório thinks of buying the right of possession of the lands occupied by Juma as revenge against José Leôncio. Trindade asks Irma to forget about him.READ FULL SUMMARY

Zaquieu surprises everyone on the farm when he says he saw Trindade's viola play by itself. Juma expels Tenório from his prison. READ FULL SUMMARY

Trindade tells Tiberius that it will be better for his son if he leaves the farm. Guta tells Zuleica that she is thinking of proposing to Marcelo that the two of them leave the Pantanal.READ FULL SUMMARY

Zé Leôncio warns Jove about Juma. Muda notices that Zefa was not bothered by Renato's invasive posture. Marcelo scolds his brother. The Velho do Rio accepts Jove's apology.Friday - 8/19 READ FULL SUMMARY

Guta visits her mother and encourages her to go in search of her rights. Juma tells Marcelo that Tenório wants to buy his land. Tadeu finds Zefa's behavior strange. Jove looks for Juma in the tapera.READ FULL SUMMARY

Juma and Jove kiss. Marcelo tells Guta he's afraid of what Tenório might do to him and Zuleica. Renato regrets having shot the jaguar.Chapter 126 - day 8/20 READ FULL SUMMARY

The Velho do Rio tells Maria Marruá that the jaguar can rest, as he will take care of Juma. Ari informs Zé Leôncio that a jaguar was killed on his land and he could be arrested for the crime.READ FULL SUMMARY

Trindade tells Irma that he needs to stay away from her and her son. Marcelo says that Tenório was mean to squatters in Sarandi. Zé Leôncio asks Ari for a lawyer for the farm. Irma dreams of José Lucas.READ FULL SUMMARY