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5TOPR0BOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION TRENDSRPA market could reach 13.4B in 2030, up from 2B in 2021. RPA use cases are spreading across industries and business operations, enabling new applications and trends.

1WIDESPREADAUTOMATIONADOPTIONRPA might be used by more small businesses this year to streamline operations, manage the labor crisis, and increase output.

2LOW-CODE/ N0-CODE REVOLUTIONSaaS platforms will benefit from low-code and no-code modules that allow them to develop RPA solutions more quickly and at a lower cost.

3BUZZ OF HYPERAUTOMATIONInvestors are speeding up their automation pipelines, which means hyperautomation will continue to rise in 2022.

4RPA CoEThe goal of the Center of Excellence is to establish best practices, maximize ROI, and improve the efficiency of the bot development cycle, RPA integration, training, and support.IOT

5INTELLIGENT RPAIntelligent RPA, also known as semantic automation, augments RPA tools with AI, ML, and NLP capabilities in order to revolutionize RPA solutions and more efficiently scale businesses.

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